Brand Impact of Celebrity Endorsement | The Disadvantages

Celebrity endorsement is hugely popular amongst a lot of companies – as well as the celebrities that star in them. Celebrity endorsement may seem like a sure fire way to achieve marketing success and increase popularity – and in some cases it is. Before committing to a celebrity endorsement be sure to consider these disadvantages;

Change of Image

Although a lot of people forget often forget this, celebrities are humans too. They are subject to mess up – extremely in some cases. A celebrity endorsement should be a clear reflection of the brand. There have been many incidents in the past where well-liked and respected celebrities have endorsed a product or service. Only for them to cause controversy, leaving their reputation and the reputation of the brand in tatters.


Celebrity Becomes Overexposed

When celebrities become increasingly popular it is not uncommon for them to be approached by multiple companies about celebrity endorsement deals. The problem lies in the celebrities overexposing themselves by doing too many endorsements at the same time. This can damage both the celebrities and the companies image. The public will start to say that “they’ll do anything for the money” and this will actually turn off consumers. This can not only affect the credibility of the celebrity but of the business as well.

An example of this is; at the peak of his popularity, Tiger Woods endorsed over 10 companies at once. This not only gave him but the companies he endorsed a bad reputation.

Celebrity Can Overshadow Brand

Some celebrities are so big in terms of popularity that the use of their image can actually totally eclipse the brand they are endorsing. Consumers may focus more on the celebrity. This can be an issue, especially when celebrities are endorsing more than one brand at the same time. This can actually cause the brand to lose value rather than gain it.


It comes as no surprise that celebrity endorsements are expensive. Not only are you paying for the chosen celebrities’ time to shoot the campaign. You are also paying for their image and name.

The most expensive celebrity endorsement ever was for a George Foreman Grill. Former boxing champion George Foreman was asked to endorse the grill (presumably because of his name, as well as status). He originally declined, stating that he was “not interested in toys.” But later decided to take the offer after his wife convinced him to do it after trying the grill for herself. George Foreman was paid a whopping £150m (plus shares!) for the use of his name and image.

90% of Foreman’s £250 million wealth derives from that one celebrity endorsement deal. Insane.

You can never be certain that a celebrity endorsement will work, but you can take the steps to ensuring it has the best possible chance. This has been some of the disadvantages of celebrity endorsement. If you want to know that The Advantages of Celebrity Endorsement are then following the link.