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Types of Central Heating, Glasgow

From the earliest form of home heating, the wood burning fireplace to the modern methods of heating the whole home, home heating has developed a lot through the centuries. Today we have systems that can be regulated and set to a comfortable setting, where the heat is spread from one central location and distributed evenly to all the parts of the house. There are several types and models of central heating systems. They fall broadly into three categories which include wet systems, warm air systems and storage heaters.

 Wet central heating system

This consists of a boiler that burns fuel to water that is then circulated using a network of pipes through the house. The pipes may also be connected to heat water for bathing and washing. The water heats the air as it moves through the pipes heating the air around which in turn increases the temperature in the home. Natural gas is the most common fuel used in the boiler. Although there are boilers that use liquid petroleum, electric power, and coal although it is not popular.

 Warm air systems

In this system, the boiler heats the air using natural gas. The air is then circulated using ducts around the house. The heated air is passed into the room through the floor or the wall vents. These systems are less popular the wet systems because they are not very efficient.

 Storage heating systems

This consists of bricks that are capable of storing a lot of heat. They are heated overnight using electric power and then the heat is released gradually to heat the home. Modern bricks are more space efficient and have better storage capacity, unlike the older storage heaters. Some advanced models can also be used as direct electric heaters without having to store the heat.

central heating glasgow

 Factors to consider when choosing a boiler

l Size of your home – If you choose a small boiler for a large home, you may end up under heating and if the boiler is too big for your home, you will overheat it and therefore waste a lot of energy. You should also want to consider the amount of space you have for the boiler. Modern boilers take less space than older ones.

l Efficiency – You should choose a boiler with mechanisms to avoid heat loss and a control system to avoid heating unused rooms thereby wasting energy. You should also look out for carbon emissions if you plan to use gas as the fuel for your system.

l Fuel – there are a number of options that you can use for a heating system. Oil, firewood, electric power and liquid petroleum. Each type of fuel has its own pros and cons and you should consider which one is easily accessible and cheaper to you.

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Modern systems are more Eco-friendly and you should check on the standardisation tests to make sure you are not endangering the environment or your health from the dangerous emissions. You should also make sure that the installation is carried out by a professional to ensure safety. DMS Energy Solutions are an example of an expert installation company that specialise in central heating Glasgow. Put your future plans into consideration while choosing the type of system you want to install and visit their website.