Close up of solar panel installers work.

All You Need to Know About Leading Solar Panel Installers Scotland

Solar Panels are a viable option for property owners to generate and make use of clean, green energy. Plus, owning solar panels in the UK provides an extra opportunity to save money and even earn a bit of money back. Despite all of these fantastic reasons to invest in Solar Panels, even those who can afford the initial investment are not jumping in. This is thought to be because people are not fully informed on how to go about getting solar panels installed. For all you need to know about the leading solar panel installers Scotland, continue reading this article.

One of the solar panel installers who have installed the large solar panels in the background stands in front with his camera about to take a photograph of his work.

Solar Panels Scotland

Solar Panels Scotland is a leading supplier and solar panel installer based in Glasgow, Scotland. This team of expert engineers cover all areas of Scotland and have many years of experience installing in both domestic and commercial properties. One of the main reasons why Solar Panels Scotland is known as a leading installer is because this business uses only the most reliable suppliers of solar panel products. By using world-renowned names, Solar Panels Scotland can guarantee long-lasting, effective and efficient solar panels for all of their customers. On top of that, this team consistently deliver the very best in both customer satisfaction and safety throughout the entire process from start to finish.

What to Expect from These Expert Solar Panel Installers

The team at Solar Panels Scotland adhere to MCS Standards. MCS refers to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme for quality assurance. This means that if you choose to have your solar panel install carried out by the team at Solar Panels Scotland, you are guaranteed a safe and effective install. In the first instance, you would receive an assessment from one of the in-hour expert installers. By professionally assessing your home or commercial property, the installer will be able to measure the area where the panels will be installed and calculate the time required. Plus, this installer will be able to advise the best products suitable for your property. This decision is affected by the type, size and age of the property. As well as the location of the property, if it is shielded by trees or if there is a specific climate to be taken into consideration. A standard install typically requires 3-4 installers. Safety checks are carried out at various time throughout the install, always ensuring the safety of the equipment, the crew and the property as well as any inhabitants.

Solar panel installers take a photo of a domestic property they have recently installed at from across the nearby lake.

Can I Afford Solar Panels?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding solar panels. There are many people who have wondered about this innovative technology yet have feared that the cost would be far too high. The great news for people living in Scotland is there are options to save money when it comes to installing solar panels in your property. The Renewable Heat Incentive for Solar Thermal Panels, in particular, is one that could save you a lot of money. You can find out more about the cost of arranging solar panel installers by visiting the Solar Panels Scotland website.