Top Rare Whiskies to Invest in

People have been drinking ever since we can remember. One of the most popular drinks is whisky. If you are a whisky lover, you must be familiar with several whisky brands by now. But did you know that there are some whiskies that are very rare? Well, in this article, we bring to you some rare whiskies that could be worth your investment. If you planning to invest in this business, then this could be a great idea to get you started!

Yoichi Single Malt Whisky

This is a very rare brand of whisky to find. Nikka stopped producing this whisky a few months ago and from then, the price of this whisky has been going up steadily. This whisky is very old and very hard to come across and it is very important that you try getting some this year, otherwise, you might have to wait for several years before getting it again. Although at the moment you can still find this whisky in some Aussie bars, be ready to part with some good amount of money for this drink!

Smith’s Angaston Single Malt Whiskey

Originating from Australia, this single malt was produced for the first time in 1997. Since then, the production details have been kept as a well-guarded secret and as a result, its production has been very limited. These whiskies are very flavoured and very rich and hence worthy of some investment. It is common to find these drinks in some beautiful casks that were initially used in the packaging of Aussie fortified as well as the table wines.

Booker’s Bourbon

This quality whisky has been carried in the headlines for the better part of last month, all for good reasons. The mother company, Beam Suntory recently made an announcement to the effect that, as from January 2017, the price of this whiskey will be increased by 66 percent. However, most clients criticised this move and although the company later retracted, the price of this brand is expected to rise with time. This means that, if you want to try this brand, then you should do it right away before its price becomes too much.

GlenDronach Single Malt Whisky 15 Years Old

This is one of the most sherried single malts from Scotland. However, this brand was not being produced between 1995 and 2002 and this has put a lot of pressure on this fifteen years’ whisky brand. The distillery also experienced some production changes and we hope that the 12 and 18 years’ whiskey brands will still the amazing taste that this whiskey has right now. It is therefore very important that you try to take this whiskey right now as we don’t know what changes we might have in future.

Why You Should Drink Whisky

Apart from the refreshing part, whiskey is known to have a number of health benefits. For instance, you might introduce some whiskey in your nutrition plan to deal with the problem of excessive fats and weight. It is also believed that whisky intake might help in boosting your immune system.

Rare whiskeys are great for collection, special occasions, or just as a treat.