Watch Repair UK | Helpful Hints and Tips

Your watch might be in need of repairs, and you have considered yourself the right candidate to carry out the job. But be careful because watches are intricate products and it is not advisable to disassemble them unless you know what you are doing. If you don’t have a clue what you’re doing the best thing to do is to contact a professional who specialises in watch repair UK. They can help you with everything from Rolex watch repairs to even antique watch repairs.

Keeping the words of precaution in mind, we present some handy watch repair tips you can perform yourself. There are a few small things though, that you could solve right in your home.

Changing the Battery

For this, you have to open the back case of the watch using a screwdriver. Then take out the old battery and replace it with a new one. Clean the contact points with a soft cloth and check if the hands are moving. Then put back the case and screw it tightly. We wouldn’t suggest you to do with your Rolex watch though.


What to do if My Rolex Watch Has Stopped Working?

There are various reasons for watches to stop working starting from a dead battery. We will troubleshoot the common problems and tell you how to fix them.


Check for Moisture

Often damp conditions lead to accumulation of moisture inside the watch. The sure sign is condensation around the dial. You have to unscrew the back case and use a hairdryer on a low setting to blow inside.

If you notice moisture build-up inside, take the works out and use a soft cloth to dab it. Leave it in the open for the night and check if it works the next day.


Check for Dust

Dust accumulates inside the mechanical parts and even around battery contacts. Check the battery area and clean the spot carefully using fine sandpaper. You may need to blow pressurized air from an air can after opening the back. Generally, you should get your watches cleaned once a year.


Why Should You Go for Professional for Watch Repair UK?

These are the common repairs you can take care of yourself. For any other repairs, it is better to get professional help. For instance, if you need watch repair Rolex, you shouldn’t really try these tips in your home – a broken or damaged Rolex watch isn’t something you would want. Rolex watch repair can be complex, and you would need one professional to help you with it. For instance, it really isn’t a good idea to go in for battery replacement.

You will need to change the battery of your quartz watch once in every few years as a regular practice. The charges can start as low as 8 pounds and go till 50 pounds. You may even be required to pay upwards of a hundred pounds if your timepiece is a hybrid model or a complicated chronograph mechanical one. If it’s a low priced watch you may attempt to do it in your home but don’t try it with a Rolex watch.