What Impact Is Technology Having On Sport?

Technology is having a significant impact on sport as a whole and there have been a number of different breakthroughs in recent years which have highlighted the beneficial and in many situations controversial decisions that have been influenced thanks to new technology which is being used to help different sports.

Sport Technology In Football

Sport technology in football is likely to remain a touchy subject for many years to come as football is a sport where emotions can run high and many football fans have differing opinions on the implementation of technology in the sport. One of the latest developments/changes that has been made within the sport is the introduction of VAR (virtual assistant referee) into the sport. This technology means that a referees decision can be overturned after it has been reviewed by a team of refs within a control room who have access to advanced technology which can allow them to analyse a situation more closely.

Opponents of this technology argue that this takes the fun of the sport and makes it too technical. Another argument against sport technology is it takes away from the role of the referee and linesman. Traditionally in football there are a number of match officials on the ground that are decision makers when it comes to decisions on the pitch. However new technology such as VAR has meant that often these decisions are being challenged or even overturned. This then begs the question what is the purpose of match officials if technology can do it for them?

Sport Technology In Surfing

Another sport which has been directly impacted by new technology is surfing. Surfing is a sport which involves a lot of different factors such as the right weather conditions , light and temperature. However recent developments have made groundbreaking progress so that now increasingly across the world surf simulators are being opened. Surf simulators , more commonly known as wave parks.

These facilities can produce waves which can be generated artificially without the need for certain wind or tidal conditions to be at a certain level. This has proved to be a huge asset to the surfing community as many surfers don’t have the time to practice or might not get the right conditions that they need when they do find the time to go out surfing.

Unlike VAR technology in football , this particular technology has little to no negative effects for the sport overall and illustrates how far we have come in terms of technology to be able to produce an artificially generated wave pool that is surf able.

Sports Technology And Tennis

Tennis is yet another sport where new technology developments within the sport have had an influence overall on how it is played. One of the most influential and relatively new technologies that has had a significant overall impact on the sport as a whole is hawkeye. Hawkeye is a system that tracks where the ball lands in a tennis match. It is assisted by computer technology and is normally very accurate. It produces a 3d scale model of the ball on the court to inform match officials of its results.


Overall from what we have discussed it has become very apparent that the use of sport within technology is never without controversy and is likely to remain a conscientious subject. However it is clear that there is progress being made overall and that overwhelmingly technology is likely to have a lasting positive impact on the majority of sports.