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Mental Illness And The Family: Recognizing Warning Signs And How To Cope

Mental health problems affect more and more people every day, which is why it is not even more important to learn to recognize the warning signs when you experience or see them. Mental health issues usually start during the adolescent years. While early detection can be vital for the recovery of those who suffer, less than half of those affected by these conditions do not receive any type of treatment. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to reduced productivity, lower performance, decreased motivation and even increased disability rates. Often, they can leave people feeling hopeless, isolated and alone.

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Mental Health Warning Signs

Other symptoms of mental health problems include substance abuse and changing sleeping habits. These symptoms can be a red flag, so it is essential to check your child’s social media accounts for signs of abuse. If you notice your teen posting pictures of themselves on social media, it may be time to contact their social networks and talk about their feelings. This is one of the biggest signs of mental illness and can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.

We have all been through various uncomfortable phases throughout our growing years. From punk rock emo to EDM fanatic, we have done it all. Additionally, there was a time when many of us believed rebellion was cool and school was for nerds. Moreover, these exaggerated versions of us were often hard to digest for our parents and teachers. Likewise, you might face a similar experience with your young one as they try to cope with a storm of physical and chemical changes in their body.

However, sometimes what looks like a simple teenage phase might be something serious. For example, your teenage relative could be going through a mental health dilemma. 


Therefore, it’s crucial to observe their behaviour and watch for warning signs closely. Also, you could recommend a well man test to check their overall health as maybe there are other health problems that they might be suffering from in silence. Nevertheless, here are some signs to pay attention to when it comes to mental health issues:

  1. Abrupt Mood Shifts

A moderate bout of anger or anxiety is typical for the younger generation as some of them are only just starting to learn how to manage their emotions and feelings. However, it can be alarming if the person exhibits abrupt and extreme emotional variations. For example, excessive anger and a sudden shift to euphoric conditions. Also, drastic measures and irrational activities, etc., point to mental health disturbance.

  1. Unkempt Hygiene 

Maintaining personal hygiene is an essential life skill. However, sometimes people face difficulty achieving this simple feat due to their mental health.

Illnesses like depression and trauma reduce a person’s morale and consequently their will to take care of themself.

  1. Questionable Eating Habits

Our self-image has a significant influence on our mental health. This is primarily the case for teenagers nowadays. Thanks to social media standards, today’s youth has lost touch with reality. As a result, they try to achieve superficial beauty standards by dieting, fasting, and other unhealthy tactics.

Moreover, their self-esteem takes a significant brunt due to these standards and spirals towards depression. Therefore, if you see your relative not eating or binge eating, you might want to sign them up for a well man test to ensure their health is not in danger.

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  1. Low Morale and Feeling Worthless

It’s normal to have a cringe moment now and then. However, contrarily an overdose of such emotions can take a toll on a person’s mental health. Thus, constant reassurance and positive remarks can improve the well-being of a person, and if you see someone in your family exhibiting such behaviours make sure to not leave them unnoticed.

  1. Limited Social Life

When a person is suddenly withdrawing from their social circles, they could be avoiding social situations due to their depression. Additionally, the fear of judgment may prevent them from letting people in. It is very important to notice these situations and help them resolve the issue, whether it is health-related or emotional related, the help of a relative can be crucial in moments like this. Early warning signs can also prompt a health care professional to conduct a thorough assessment.

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Ways To Help

It is a good idea to get a well man test done once in a while to be on the safe side. This test can offer up to 150 results across a range of key health areas including heart, liver, thyroid & hormonal health. Mental health issues on the other hand can be more difficult to notice. Early warning signs are harder to recognize but recognizing them early can help minimize the severity of the symptoms, prevent hospitalization, and increase the likelihood of a good prognosis. This can include counselling about daily living, dealing with stress, and learning more about mental illnesses. Early intervention is also helpful in detecting conditions that require more intense treatment. However, stigma may still be a barrier to seeking treatment.