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What Are The Benefits Of Nitrogen Generators?

The air we breathe is about 80% nitrogen. Higher purity nitrogen is generated by separating nitrogen from other molecules within a clean, dry compressed air stream, resulting in a purified supply of nitrogen. For those in need of a reliable source of high purity nitrogen, there is a simple solution – nitrogen generators. The main benefit of generating your own nitrogen in-house is reduced costs with extra control over the quality and efficiency.

Using Nitrogen Generator in Manufacturing

You may be wondering as to why these nitrogen generators are used in manufacturing, and this is because there are times when industries experience outages due to power failures or even due to water leaks that may occur within the plant. These problems are very common and they can be very costly to deal with. However, what you might not realize is that it can also cost millions of dollars to replace all of the machinery that can be damaged in such cases. Nitrogen generators in manufacturing use the concept of using nitrogen gas, along with some form of fuel to create the motion that is needed to make the machines run. This is something that is known as a closed-loop nitrous oxide generator.

The reason that nitrogen generators have become so popular in manufacturing industries is that the cost per unit is much lower than other forms of generators. These are also great because they use less energy than other types of machines that are used in such industries. One thing that you will want to take into consideration though is that there are some nitrous oxide generators that may not be very powerful. You will want to do a little research so that you can determine what kind of generator is going to be the best option for your business.

Nitrogen gas is favored by many industries, in particular, we see increased use in manufacturing processes for varied purposes ranging from sterilizing to product transfer and packaging. Some industries and manufacturing processes that make use of nitrogen include the following:

• Electronics
• Steel
• Welding/Metalworking
• Oil & Gas
• Ammonia Production
• Helium Purification
• Product Transfer
• Packaging

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What We Did Not Know About Nitrogen Generators ?

Nitrogen generators or oxygen generators are electrical stations or stationary air-to nitrogen production facilities. Nitrogen is a very powerful chemical that is found in the atmosphere and reacts to form nitric oxide, which is then converted to running gas through a combination of oxidation and diffusion. The process generates heat through burning, produces high temperatures and superheating and also generates large quantities of water vapor in the atmosphere. These emissions act as greenhouse gases that have been described as having the potential to deplete the ozone layer and damage the Earth’s atmosphere. It is important to use these generators at their proper places and times.

Nitrogen generators can be described as two-stage processes. The first stage is where the water vapor and the nitrous oxide are entered by a closed circuit and are then compressed in the presence of highly reactive compressed air. In the case of membrane generators, the process is the same except that instead of water vapor and nitrous oxide, the two ingredients are present in the medium. However, in the case of the membrane generator, the membrane gets damaged when exposed to highly reactive compressed air.

Nitrogen storage vessels are used for transporting the generated nitrous oxide. However, the fuel and lubrication oils used in the fuel storage vessel help in the efficient transportation of the gases. Nitrogen generators convert nitrous oxide into useful quantities of running gas by taking advantage of the gas’s properties. Although the generation of nitrogen is not a constant process, it is possible to increase the output of nitrogen by opening up the feedback loop of the generator, thereby raising the output even further.

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Final Words

There are many common uses of nitrogen that are not widely known, like for example the fact that nitrogen is used in refining and gas separation processes. also, nitrogen can remove undesirable oxygen from a manufacturing process or environment, preventing oxidation that can damage metal parts and sensitive electronics. There are so many ways in how this gas is incorporated into different industries that may surprise you and in a pleasant way.