Benefits of a Manual Forklift Stacker

There are many benefits that a manual forklift stacker can have if you work in an industrial industry. Manual forklift stackers can be used to stack and store pallets and boxes amongst other things.


Compared to an electric forklift stacker, a manual forklift stacker is far more cost-effective. Equipment that is electric tends to be more expensive than manual.

Easy to Use

Manual forklift stackers are easy to use, you simply push it and steer to operate. With basic training anyone can use a manual forklift stacker. They come with instructions and in most cases someone can be brought into train staff.

Increased Efficiency

Manual forklift stackers drastically increase efficiency by allowing staff members to move large pallets for boxes with ease. This reduces time spent moving items and allows team to move multiple items at once. Efficiency will be soring if you opt for one of these nifty little machines.

Designed with Safety in Mind

Safety is key with a manual forklift truck, the easy to follow safety guidelines along with the design of the machinery have safety features put in place to optimise practices and reduce injuries, such as emergency stop buttons. As well as safety features, manual forklift stackers also make the job safer for staff. Moving large and heavy objects all the time can cause strain related injuries, which may slow workers down or even cause them to have to take time off work.

More Access to Storage Space

A manual forklift stacker can help you get to hard to reach places. This allows you to store more stock, as well as storing it safely. Storage can be a big issue in many warehouses as most will eventually run out of space. A forklift stacker helps optimise the space you have, meaning you won’t need to expand or relocate as quickly (if at all!).

Do You Need a Manual Forklift Stacker?

If you think your company or workspace could benefit from a manual forklift stacker, don’t hesitate. They have many benefits and can be bought at reasonable prices.