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Joinery Companies Glasgow Are Moving With Technology

The way in which construction workers build things is being totally revolutionised by the advancement of modern technology.  Whether is new advanced battery technology making it easier to get jobs done, or new manufacturing methods that drastically change the way buildings are made, it is clear that technology in the construction sector is on the rise.

joinery companies glasgow

Joinery Companies Glasgow And Battery Technology

Lithium-Ion batteries have been in the news as of late, and for good reason.  These batteries are the best in the battery field at the moment and they are in hot demand from all types of industries.  Lithium-ion technology has made great leaps forward recently, like new formulations that limit the amount of cobalt, an essential element of lithium batteries that comes at great cost to the environment.  How do trades people benefit from this amazing technology?  Read on to find out more.


Joiners Can Use Lithium Ion Technology

One of the biggest commercial applications of lithium-ion batteries is in tools and equipment.  For the construction industry, it has meant that workers can see benefits in a host of areas brought about by accessible battery technology.  Although we had things like handheld power tools in the past, the battery packs charging them were not always as powerful as the mains powered equivalent.  Now however, battery capacity and strength is at a point where it is possible to use them with lots of power-hungry tools that can run all day.

joinery companies glasgow

Joinery Companies Glasgow Can Use 3D Printers

Use of 3D printers is quickly becoming very widespread in a number of commercial applications.  Their use in the construction industry is relatively new, however building companies are already starting to realise the potential of this amazingly versatile manufacturing process.  3D printing gives builders the ability to create endless custom prototypes and components that are needed for a build. 


3D Printers In Action

For joiners, the ability to create custom and complex components is extremely useful.  Nowadays the lines are being blurred in terms of what materials are used to outfit properties both commercial and domestic, so to be able to create things out of various materials is a big plus.  Thanks to accessible computer design interfaces, it is very easy to start designing your own plans and models for 3D printing.  Joinery companies Glasgow can save time and money, as well as reduce waste, by utilising this new form of design manufacturing.

joinery companies glasgow

3D Printing At Home

3D printing technology is already starting to appear in domestic applications, as consumer-ready versions of 3D printers start making their way into the domestic market.  People want to be able to design and create complex models and components, and this opens up a whole host of possibilities.  For designers and creators in particular, it means that they have access to untapped potential for creating new things.  In the future a 3D printer may even be as commonplace in the household as a regular ink printer.