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Social Media Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Social media continues to be a power tool for individuals and businesses alike.  It has revolutionised the way we connect and interact with people on a global scale.

But the social media landscape is constantly being shaped by developers and evolving as a result.

Here is our round up for the main social media trends for the new decade.

Product Interaction Becoming More Visual

Social media channels are catching up with Google when it comes to learning about new products.  Product research is starting to shift towards social media platforms as consumers follow brands that they are interested in.

Customer Service On Messaging Apps

Predictions from the social media giant Facebook state that 80% of smartphone users will use some form of messaging app in 2020.  Local businesses are already utilising the power of Facebook to reach their audience, and can use the messenger tool to manage their customer service actions. 

Video Content is On the Rise

Facebook has also recognised the shift towards video content.  It has the inherent ability to put information across quickly and concisely, and it means that people do not have to spend time reading lots of content.

Audio Content is Increasing

Alongside video content we are also seeing increased uptake of audio content.  For example, voice notes in messenger is a big proportion of the messages we now send, and businesses are starting to tap into this idea.

Virtual Reality

Although this may seem like it still in the early stages of development, the truth is that companies are starting to explore how they can use virtual reality and augmented reality in marketing.  One of the most prevalent augmented reality examples is Snapchat’s lens filters.  These are being broadly adopted by companies for marketing campaigns in order to influence consumers in a new and engaging way.