Smartphone vs SLR: Which is Better?

In recent years the cameras within smartphones have made incredible leaps forward.  Most phones on the market can take exceptional quality pictures that can rival even the most powerful SLR cameras out there.

So which is better?

Well that depends on your expectations and what you want to use it for.

Apple’s most recent flagship iPhone model, the iPhone 11 Pro now comes with 3 rear facing cameras.  Why does a consumer phone need 3 cameras you ask?

Because the more light the camera can collect the better the picture will be. 

Manufactures realised that one single compact camera on a mobile phone has its limitations, and there is only so much you can do with one camera.

So now the norm is for two or even three cameras that can be used in conjunction with each other to create a single photo that is vastly superior to one taken with a single camera. 

Experts are saying that the future of phone photography is in the code that utilises the cameras, and Google, Apple and Samsung are already investing vast sums of money into optimizing this code.

But what about the trusty DSLR?

Straight away the main advantage of having a purpose built SLR camera is the fact that the sensor is much bigger than that found inside a phone. 

For the average individual, the pictures they can take on their iPhone will be more than enough and will give them high quality images that look fantastic.

However, for a more discerning user, an SLR is still unrivalled when it comes to picture quality, as well as versatility and functionality. 

The smartphone has basically shunted out the low end digital camera market, and handheld digital cameras are pretty much on par with what a smartphone can do.

However, the SLR still remains the champion in the photography world.