VHS to DVD Services For Futureproofing Your Memories

Over the last 20 years the photography world has changed dramatically.  There was a time when analogue film cameras were everywhere.  Companies invested vast sums of money into camera equipment, which was traditionally very bulky and expensive.  There were very often quite complicated in terms of operating them, and the consumer market was quite a minefield for your average individual who just wanted to take some pictures and record some home videos.  In the 80s and 90s, affordable and easy to use cameras exploded in popularity and people started snapping and filming.  Many people amassed hundreds of pictures and hours of home video footage, so the problem nowadays is how do they get all their footage like VHS to DVD and other digital formats?


VHS to DVD Companies

Thankfully due to the extremely large demand for this kind of service, there are many companies out there today that can take care of almost all format conversions.  And it is not just VHS to DVD conversion that these companies can do.  Most companies take any kind of video recorder tapes, and there are a lot of old formats out there.  Home videos were recorded to MiniDV, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 and MicroMV, with there even being some other formats out there.  If you happen to have old reels of cine film, some professional converters can even digitise this for you. 


Scanning Services

Scanning technology has advanced quite considerably in the last few years.  Scanners aimed at the consumer end of the market would not produce results that professional.  High quality scanners can now be found in picture and video conversion companies, and the results that they produce are very good.  If you have bundles of old photos that you want to keep get digitally converted then a lot of conversion companies offer a send and convert service where you simply post you pictures to them, they convert the pictures and then send them back to you with the digital copies.  Negatives can also be copied and even photo slides.  Slides have a great deal of detail within the tiny images, so they can be scanned at a high resolution then upscaled to give stunning images.


Sooner Rather Than Later

Not everyone is aware that pictures and film gradually deteriorate over time.  This means that the quality of them will get poorer and poorer as time goes on, and the longer you wait to have them converted, the worse they will ultimately look when converted.  Every time a video tape is watched on a player, the tape film is slightly degraded by the tape head and from being stretched.  So in order to relive your precious memories, the process of watching them actually degrades them.  Once they are converted to a digital format they can then be shared and watched as many times as you want without affecting the original.

video player

Cloud Storage

Cloud based storage now means that people can back up all their important pictures, videos, documents and more so that they are accessible anywhere.  And most importantly, there is a back up stored in a separate place that is remotely accessible so that you always have copies.